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How Divorce Takes Place.
When things fail to work between the two parties in the marriage, they can conclude a divorce. Getting a divorce can be expensive to ensure to consult with your lawyer first. The two parties must first of all live separately before any divorce claims are made. One can file for divorce from bed and board this can be due to certain factors like cheating, one of the partners becoming a burden, drug-abusing, and mistreatment. After the petition is accepted and the claims investigated upon the couple is now declared legally separated. Though the couple is separated it doesn’t mean that any of the two can now marry again. One of the partners can file for custody of the children or child support from the other partner. After completion of the summons, the one that is interested in marrying again can do so. After a year of separation, the couple is now allowed to file for complete divorce.
The couple getting divorced should first consider the welfare of the children. The divorce process can be overwhelming and involve a lot of arguments. Matters of urgency should be of the child’s welfare. Parents try to work out a lot of issues concerning custody of the child.
The children are going through a lot from the whole process of the divorce. The children need to feel cared for and supported throughout the process. Avoid making the children feel overwhelmed by the process make them comfortable by providing a shoulder for them. Parent might lose custody over children if they are moving out of state without custody agreement.

one can seek the services of an attorney to represent them during the divorce process. When the party files for the divorce they should have lived apart for about a year. The two people should agree that they no longer want to be together for them to file for the divorce. The couple must live In separate houses and not the same house but different rooms. During the divorce process the couple must be living in the same country. The separated couple file for a complaint about divorce where the reasons for divorce are stated. A divorce complaint is filed stating the reasons for divorce. If the other partner wishes to reclaim their former surname they should include this in the operation. Information included in the complaint is the names and ages of the children, any support needed, and their citizenship. After all this the couple files for the court hearings, where both parties are notified. Once each party has received the summons they have one month to respond. divorce proceedings take place in the court in front of a judge. Both parties are allowed to testify about the claims made. A lawyer can be hired by one of the parties to represent them in court if they cannot make an appearance The ruling of the divorce is given by the judge. If the parent leaves the country before discussing terms of custody they might lose any custody over the children.
There are different ways of how divorce takes place in each state. Divorce is not always easy . Where there are children to fight over, the divorce process might go out of control. Note how can a mother lose a custody battle in the court during the whole divorce process. Wehn’s mother is not capable of caring for the children she ends up losing the custody battle. These are reasons a judge will change custody of the mother over the children

Cases in the court that will be discussed like, sharing of property, child custody, judgment. The two individuals, should settle these issues outside the court, but if they cant the court decides for them.

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